This week, Mercedes launched a new updated version of the eVito passenger van which, when compared to the previous generation of eVito it now has a much improved range, thanks to a much larger battery pack. Also, the eVito now has much faster charging options.

What’s new?

The previous generation of Mercedes eVito didn’t really have a very useable range, something only suitable for city use and shuttling passengers around shorter distances, as it was only 93 miles (150km). The battery pack on the old model was only 41kWh and considering the van weighs in at 3,500 kilograms it isn’t surprising the range wasn’t very large.

The new updated eVito now has a much larger 90kWh battery pack, which has boosted the range from 93 miles to a claimed, 262 miles (421 km).

Mercedes is also offering two states of charging capabilities, as standard the eVito comes with 50kW charging but it can be specced up to support 110kW fast charging, which on paper means that the eVito can get from ten percent to eighty percent in around 45 minutes.

Source: Mercedes