Ubiquiti launched the new G4 Bullet last summer, in July and while it doesn’t seem have replaced the G3 Bullet yet, as both are still available it offers some noticeable upgrades over the older model, albeit for a slight increase in the price too. The new G4 Bullet is all metal, an aluminium alloy with the only plastic section being the back mount which moves to angle the camera, this provides a significant upgrade over the G3, as the whole body is aluminium meaning the body wont yellow over time, which is a common issue with the G3 Bullet cameras.

Also improved is the sensor, it isn’t quite the huge 4K resolution of the G4 Pro, but for under £200 it wouldn’t be expected to but it is now at least 1440p, a jump up from 1080p. The CPU has been uprated to, allowing for Smart Detection support which is a new feature only seen on the G4 series of cameras, due to how the AI processes the images. The process is done on the camera, so we have gone from a single core CPU to a 4 core CPU the Ambarella Advanced Image Processing SoC for processing the images on screen. Smart Detection can detect vehicles as of UniFi Protect version 1.17.1 and people.

One thing we noticed from the spec sheet, both cameras can handle the same cold temperatures of -20° C, but for some reason the hotter ones it has less of a tolerance too, the G3 can handle 50° C but the G4 only 40° C.

Comparison table

G4 Bullet

G3 Bullet

PoE Type


802.3af or 24v passive

Camera Megapixel



Interface speed



Build material

Aluminum body and mount, part polycarbonate mount

Polycarbonate body and aluminum and polycarbonate mounting hardware

Special features

Smart detection for person and vehicle






2688 x 1512


Night Vision

Intergrated IR emitter, with cut filter. Support for additonal IR extendor

Intergrated IR emitter, with cut filter. Support for additonal IR extendor

Weatherproof rating


N/A (But can be used outdoors)


£169.81 / $199

£127.09 / $149

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