Citroën announced last month that the all electric Ami would be coming to the UK in 2022, thanks to quite a bit of demand from potential customers. Already, around 12,000 people have signed up with Citroën to declare an interest and now the order books have opened, interested customers can put down £250, which is full refundable to pre-order the Ami.

The Ami will then be available by around spring 2022 in the UK with a price of around £6,000. Customers will be able to purchase the car outright, leaser or potentially pay monthly, similar to a short term rental.

“The response to Ami has been overwhelming, and the momentum has just built up to a point we can’t say no. It’s not just a vehicle with a following, either; the Ami embodies one view we have of future transport, around affordability and usability. Selling it here gets those values across in a way that no marketing campaign ever could.”

Eurig Druce – Citroën managing director

Those interested can pre-order here.