Tesla has recently increased the price of the Model S and Model X, as current demand is delaying some orders until 2022. Both models have been bumped in price by $5,000, around £3,600. Both models were heavily refreshed earlier this year, with light retouches on the outside and full interior revamps.

Earlier last week too, the entry level cars, the Model 3 and Model Y also saw price increases by around $2,000, around £1,500.

The cheapest Model S is now $94,990 in the US, up from $89,990. Since the new refreshed Model S was introduced in January this year, it has gained $14,000 over its starting price. The top of the line flagship Model S Plaid remains at $129,990.

Its a similar story for the Model X, up from $99,990 to $104,990 with the Model X Plaid remanning at $119,990.