Last week, Ubiquiti revealed its latest video doorbell that works with its UniFi Protect software, its currently in the Early Access beta program at the moment and will be released for general sale at some stage in the future. However, due to the public nature of the company announcing it via a YouTube video, there has been a lot of discussion around it.

The G4 Doorbell Pro features an uprated main camera, as well as a secondary camera facing down for packages. A fingerprint reader has been added for door unlocking, with Ubiquiti’s UniFi Smart Lock and finally, a 1.3-inch colour screen for displaying messages for visitors.

With the first doorbell Ubiquiti released, the G4 Doorbell – many people complained due to the lack of PoE as the original only supporting being powered by existing doorbell wiring. Ubiquiti has kind of addressed this, as the G4 Doorbell Pro can now be powered by USB-C or the traditional doorbell wiring.

Many people online were hoping that the doorbell supported PoE, so Ubiquiti has made an adaptor which takes in PoE and then powers the doorbell using USB-C. Judging by the data sheet, it doesn’t mention anywhere that this method supports data. However, some users on Reddit found that Ubiquiti commented on the YouTube video the company released mentioning the following:

“The USB-C to PoE adapter provides power and true wired connectivity to the G4 Doorbell Pro (does not rely on WiFi in this configuration). This connection will show GbE LAN connectivity
within the UniFi Protect Application.”


The only issue we can see is fitting the adaptor somewhere when installing the doorbell, but that will remain to be seen for testing purposes.