Today, Ubiquiti has finally released the long awaited UXG Pro, or otherwise known as the ‘Next-generation Gateway Pro’. This is Ubiquiti’s follow on to the USG line of products, which hasn’t been updated in well over 5 years. This firewall was first announced as an EA Product back in June 2020 and has been in the Ubiquiti beta cycle for the best part of two years now.

Due to its unusually long time in beta, many people assumed the company had abandoned the project, instead focusing on its Dream Machine line of devices, with the UDM Pro, UDM, UDM-SE and the upcoming UDR.

So, why was there so much excitement for this new firewall? Well, with the UDM line Ubiquiti removed the ability for remote adoption to external controllers, as those devices run the controller themselves. This would make Cloud Key line of devices irrelevant as well as well regarded services such as HostiFi less useful too. But with the UXG-Pro, Ubiquiti has now brought back the ability for users to use whatever UniFi Controller they have.

The UXG-Pro shares a lot specs with the UDM-Pro, but with less ports and features. It simply is a firewall and gateway. With two RJ45 ports and two SFP+ ports, so you get two WAN ports, one on SFP and one on RJ45 and then two LAN ports, one of each too. On the back is a standard power lead, a port for Ubiquiti’s USP-RPS redundant power device and a US mains plug, which is used for an external modem.

The new UXG-Pro is listed for sale on Ubiquiti’s official store over on for $499 and is marked as ‘coming soon’

Update 21/03/22 21:18 BST: The UXG-Pro is now in stock on the US store.