Tesla is planning on launching a new cheaper Model Y model with much larger battery capacity. However, the model will only be sold to employees at the moment with a public release soon thereafter. The new Model Y will feature Tesla’s higher capacity 4680 battery cells and will be available for $3,000 less than the Long Range AWD model at $59,990 (£45,000).

The Model Y Standard Range AWD will have 279 miles of range be able to do 0-60mph in around five seconds. Inside, the new model also seems to have some revised interior design such as a magnetic center armrest and a parcel shelf. Whether or not these changes will come to the public version, remains to be seen.

The new 4680 battery cells are twice the size as the existing battery tech Tesla is using, but have five times the capacity. This will mean Tesla will be able to increase the range of its cars with the new batteries, or just use less to have the same range.