Citroën is obviously very aware of what people do with plug-in-hybrid vehicles, and it will start rewarding drivers who actually charge up their Citroën PHEV vehicle. Many people just purchase PHEV models as they have reduced vehicle tax, due to their lower tailpipe emissions and therefore can save businesses thousands of pounds a year. While the financials are all well and good, there is little point if the vehicles aren’t being used to their full potential. Some PHEV owners don’t even open the included charging cable the car came with.

Going forward, Citroën will be offering drivers rewards for charging up their care regularly. On the Citroën C5 X and Citroën C5 Aircross, messages on the screen will show up if the car hasn’t been charged after five days or ten trips. The reward system as a whole will go live next year and will give points to those customers who actually charge the car. These points can be redeemed against the costs of public charging costs or even train tickets.

More details about the reward system will be revealed at a later date, Citroën has said.

More on PHEV vehicles

Not using a PHEV vehicle properly is actually making you less well off essentially. The customer is basically driving around a normal combustion car, with the extra weight being carried around of the electrical components, and there battery. This will only use more fuel and be less environmentally friendly.