At the ongoing Paris Motor Show this week, Jeep has revealed its first fully electric vehicle, with the Jeep Avenger. Jeep has had other electrified models before and some are on offer today, but Jeep has never had a full EV until now. The new car is due to launch here in Europe and the UK in 2023 and will sit as the entry level model Jeep offers, in terms of size.

The powertrain for the Avenger comes from a new partnership between Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis and Nidec. It’s a new second generation 400V system which used a 115kW motor and a reasonably sized 54kWh battery pack. This is the same system used in other Stellantis models such as the Peugeot e-308, e-208 and DS 3 E-Tense.

The battery pack has 50.8 kWh usable capacity and range is 248 miles WLTP (400km). Charging is supported at 100kW DC and can charge from 10-80% in just thirty minutes.

In terms of size, Jeep is positioning this model just under the Renegade and will be the new entry level model going forward, as it is just 16cm shorter than the Renegade. The Avenger will also only be front wheel drive, with no four wheel drive version planned.

Jeep hasn’t revealed any pricing for the Avenger yet, but it is due to be available in 2023. Pre-orders can be made now for the ‘1st Edition’, which will be available until 30th November.