Today, Abarth has announced a new performance version of the Fiat 500 Electric. Fiat and Abarth have been working together for a very long time, producing loud, performance oriented versions of existing Fiat models, including the Fiat 124, Fiat Punto and most famously, the Fiat 500.

However, now that Stellantis (the parent company behind Vauxhall, Fiat, Abarth and many more companies) is going all in on electric vehicles, Abarth has had a go at making a hot, performance focused version of the Fiat 500 Electric. The new Abarth 500e has more power and faster 0-60mph time, all from the same battery pack as seen in the Fiat version.

In the Abarth, we have 35bhp more at 152bhp and 11lb ft more torque, at 172lb ft. The same 42kWh battery pack is in use here too. Range is expected to drop a bit from the Fiat’s 143 mile range, as Abarth have removed the range conserving Sherpa mode and the motors now produce more power.

While the 0-60mph time is a tad slower than the petrol Abarth 695, the company has said that just chasing raw acceleration wasn’t the goal here. They were instead aiming for faster performance when already moving, from say 12-25mph which happens in just one second in the Abarth. 25-35mph is also handled in 1.5 seconds, something which takes the 695 2.5 seconds.

Abarth has fitted the new 500e with a sound generator, which pumps classic Abarth engine noise into the cabin to further enhance the driving experience. This will be interesting to see in action.

Inside, the interior is less glitzy than the Fiat 500 Electric. There is alcantara used and darker materials to make the car feel more sporty. In comparison the Fiat has a brighter cabin. The same 7-inch display is used for the driver instruments and 10.25-inch infotainment screen too.

Later down the road, Abarth will offer the 500e has either a hatchback or cabrio. In terms of price, it’ll definitely be more than the £30,646 price of the standard Fiat 500 Electric, but this is yet to be confirmed. Deliveries will start in June 2023.