Saturday, March 4, 2023
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G4 Bullet vs G5 Bullet: Features and Specs

G4 Bullet vs G5 Bullet

Ubiquiti announced the new G5 Bullet for the UniFi Protect platform for GA and was released out of the Early Access program in late January 2023. The new camera comes in at a lower price point than the G4 Bullet and is a cheaper feeling camera in the hand. While the G4 Bullet is an all-metal construction, the G5 Bullet goes back to the G3 Bullet style, being all plastic. This is no bad thing, but earlier G3 cameras had issues with sun fade where they would yellow over time. It remains to be seen if the G5 Bullet will have this same issue.

The G5 Bullet is visually very similar to the outgoing G4 Bullet, with some visual differences. For example, as you can see in the images above the G4 Bullet has a black sun-shade and although it isn’t reflected in that image, some G4 Bullet units also have a bright blue Ubiquiti logo on the side. The G5 Bullet has the brand new Ubiquiti logo and like the G3 Bullet, a white sunshade.

The G4 Bullet costs $199 in the US, £197.85 in the UK and €225,60 in the EU. For comparison, the G5 Bullet is quite a bit less, at $129 in the US, £128.39 in the UK and €146.40 in the EU.


The new G5 Bullet came out in early 2023. So far, it seems the night time quality is better on the G5 compared to the G4. Cody from Mactelecom Networks has published a review, which you can find here. He goes into detail the quality differences between both cameras. There are small differences on paper, such as the increase from 4MP to 5MP, 30FPS by default vs 24FPS and many more details. The only downside is the lack of the expansion port on the base to fit the IR extender. If this is an important need for you, consider the G4 Bullet or the G4 Pro, which has far superior night time video performance.

We would recommend the G5 Bullet, due to its much lower price and improved video quality.

You can find the G5 Bullet on the official Ubiquiti Store in the US, EU and UK. Links can be found below.

US Store Link
EU/UK Store Link

Amazon Links

G5 Bullet on Amazon UK

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