Thursday, May 9, 2024
Alex Lowe

Genesis reveals new dog accessory concept, perfect for pooch pampering

Genesis has revealed a new concept accessory for the GV70 electric SUV in which it takes pooch pampering to a whole new level. This is just a concept for now, but the 'Genesis X Dog' accessory is "designed to cater for everything a dog needs before, during and after travel" - says the car company.

The reason behind using the GV70 Electric as the base has its major benefits. For example, the electrical accessories can utilise the vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability in the car, but it is also understood that dogs show less restless behaviour when travelling in electric cars, compared to their ICE equivalents - thanks to research conducted by the University of Lincoln.

With the new 'Genesis X Dog' accessory, there is a quilted vegan leather material, heated dog cushion, wireless audio system, waterproof storage and two 230V three pin sockets. You also get a power shower with a six litre water tank and included hair dryer. To easily get your dog in and out of the car, there is an aluminium and carbon fibre ramp too.

In the boot, you can also customise the lighting, with 100 different colours to choose from. Genesis recommends using blue and violet colours, as they can be more calming for dogs.

As mentioned, this is just a concept for now, and there isn't any information yet if Genesis will actually offer this. But for owners with dogs, this looks to be a practical way to keep your dog comfy, and clean! - during long journeys.

Source: Genesis

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