Friday, June 7, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ionity is lowering prices of its charging, but not in the UK

Ionity pricing is on the higher end of the bracket when it comes to public DC fast charging, at 74p/kWh as of June 2024 in the UK. However, in other countries the charging operator is lowering prices for customers to pay as you go and don't have the Ionity Passport discount subscription. Ionity is dropping the price across the board in twelve European countries, with some exceptions. For example, in Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia and others the price is dropping down from €0.79/kwH to €0.69/kWh but in some places such as Germany, it was already at €0.69/kWh. In the UK too, the pricing is stayed the same, at £0.74/kWh. (However, if you do use the Octopus Electoverse card, this becomes £0.71/kWh for everyone and it is free to use.)

The full list table is below:

Ionity new pricing 2024

Ionity is also launching two new subscription plans, Ionity Passport Motion and Passport Power. The prices for which are also linked in the table above but like the Tesla subscription, it allows you to have cheaper charging in public for a monthly fee. For example, in the UK this plan is £5.49/month for the Motion plan and £10.50 for power. The first month on both is also reduced. Rates as cheap as £0.43/kWh can be had with the Power plan.

Both of the plans have flexible plans, with a month-to-month commitment, meaning you can come and go as you please. This would make sense for a longer roadtrip you might have planned and the cost savings will outweigh what you would pay without it.


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