Thursday, June 20, 2024
Alex Lowe

Range Rover Electric now has 38,000 on its waitlist

The first all-electric Range Rover model from JLR is due to be officially revealed at the end of this year. Since opening the waitlist in December, the overall unseen car has already had over 38,000 people join the waitlist to order it. Back in February of this year, JLR revealed that it had already received over 16,000 customers on the waitlist, an increase of 137%.

JLR has said that the new upcoming EV Range Rover has an all new drivetrain system, developed in house and it will “exceed its already renowned performance on low-grip surfaces, ensuring all-terrain, all-weather, and all-surface capability." For example, it will also be able to wade through 850mm of water, beating the new Toyota Land Cruiser and GMC Hummer EV.

The image in the header was revealed in April and it was the first that anyone has seen of the new car. Specs such as battery size, power, range, effiecyand price are not yet know. But considering the new Range Rover stats at £100,000 in combustion form, we would expect it ti be around £120,000 onwards.

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