Monday, January 27, 2020
Alex Lowe

Suzuki Jimny to stay on sale in the UK for this year in limited numbers

Several reports lately in the media have suggested that Suzuki is planning on removing the iconic 4×4, the Jimny from sale in the UK and Europe quite soon, but last week Suzuki responded to some of these claims saying that the car will remain on sale throughout 2020 due to the high emission levels of the Jimny.

Suzuki has said the Jimny

“will remain on sale in the UK in very limited numbers throughout 2020. The higher CO2 emissions levels of this model would adversely affect its whole range CO2 average in Europe after 2020.”

All car companies need to hit an average CO2 level for the entire fleet of of cars it sells, which needs to be 95g/km and the little Jimny only manages 154g/km at best. With this news in mind, it could be that Suzuki drops the car from the UK market in 2021.

However, if you have chosen to order a Jimny and have not had it arrive yet, Suzuki has said it “will make every effort to ensure delivery to its customers who have already placed an order.”

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