Thursday, June 13, 2024
Alex Lowe

Tesla Model Y facelift not coming in 2024, says Elon Musk

Despite launching the new refreshed "Highland" Model 3 earlier this year, many people expected Tesla to follow it up pretty soon with a refreshed Model Y, borrowing some of the design language from the new Model 3. However, there is a new Model Y expected at some stage and considering that both cars use broadly the same tech underneath, it would make sense.

When a user on X asked Elon Musk whether a new Model Y would be coming out, Musk replied that: “No Model Y “refresh” is coming out this year.” Instead Musk did expand on that and say that Tesla cars are improved over time, saying: “I should note that Tesla continuously improves its cars, so even a car that is 6 months newer will be a little better.”

Many rumours and speculation have in the past been reporting that we could see a new Model Y in September 2024, but considering Musk's claifiication, 2025 or later it should be instead. With the new Model 3, Tesla managed to make the car less expensive, the interior got better quality as did the noise isolation, range and performance.

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