According to a report from MacRumors yesterday, Apple may be launching a new red iPhone 8 in the next few days, with the (Product) Red branding much like it did last year with the iPhone 7 last March.

New Red iPhone 8

The news has originated from a leaked memo coming fro Virgin Mobile and shared out by respected Apple news website, MacRumors. It’s reported that Apple could be launching new (Product) Red versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sometime today or later this week, as a definite shipment date wasn’t clear, it is unknown when they will be up for pre-order, as well as when they will be shipping out.

Regarding the more pricey iPhone X, there were no notes on when or if a special red version would be launched but Apple could surprise us, although some reports have mentioned that a gold iPhone X is in the works, however Virgin Mobile didn’t mention this.

Source: MacRumors