Ubiquiti has just redesigned its UniFi product page on ui.com to make everything look a lot simpler to understand and when the UniFi Protect page was redesigned, Ubiquiti has put up a picture and some details of a new G4 Dome camera, marked as ‘coming soon.’

There are two interesting changes, one is that fact it is now fully IP67 rated, which means it is water resistant and can now be put outside. The old G3 Dome had to be put under and eve if it was going outside. The next one is a vandal proof rating at IK08. The IK08 rating means the camera can withstand five joules of impact which means the G4 Dome can take 1.7 kg being dropped on it from 300 mm.

Other changes include the image quality, it now has a 2k resolution (1440p) whereas the old model had a 1080p sensor. Also, similar to the UVC-G4-Pro 4K camera from Ubiquiti, the G4 Dome also has a LED motion ring.

No pricing information has been revealed yet for the new G4 Dome camera, but stay tuned to A&T Tech for all the relevant information.

Update 25/04/20: This seems to have now been removed from ui.com and anywhere else on the site, might have been an accidental leak of the site, we’ll provide any more information if we get any.

Update 24/06/20: The G4 Dome name has been spotted again on the same page on ui.com, underneath the camera listings, now the ‘overview’ shows this image, which is now labelled for G4 Dome, as well as the new G4 Bullet.

Source: Ubiquiti