This week, Tesla has started to make the Model Y more affordable with the introduction of the standard range rear-wheel drive Model Y which comes in at $42,000 in the US (£33,000). As well as this new version of the Model Y, Tesla has also started offering it with a seven seat option, in addition to the five seat option.

The rear wheel drive version of the Model Y was originally announced during the cars unveiling back in 2019, but the release was delayed until now due to range issues, at the time Elon Musk said that the “range would be unacceptably low.” It looks like now in 2021, those issues have been resolved.

Up until now, the Model Y started at $49,990 in the US (£40,000) and the new more affordable does have less range, at 244 miles. It can be ordered now n the US, Canada and Mexico. A release in the EU, UK and Asia is yet to come and is not available art the time of writing for the Model Y, in all trim levels.