Toyota has unveiled a new concept version of the already popular GR Yaris which is powered by hydrogen, but still using a combustion engine, rather than making a full EV.

Toyota showed off the concept at the company’s annual Kenshiki forum. This also isn’t the first time Toyota has put this engine in a car when it is powered by hydrogen, already the company has made a Corolla for touring car racing, which uses the same engine as the GR Yaris, but still powered by hydrogen.

Toyota has had to do some modifications to the GR Yaris’s engine in order to accommodate being powered by hydrogen, as the explosions it makes are far greater than petrol. The block has been strengthened and the injection system has been upgraded too.

Toyota has said that using hydrogen alongside a traditional combustion engine could be a future we could see soon, it allows the noise and sound which people enjoy from performance cars today, without the silentness of a full electric car.

Toyota has also now commented on whether the Yaris H2 could make it to production.