This week, Pebblebee has launched two accessories for tracking possessions that work with the Apple Find My network. The new Pebblebee Clip and the Pebblebee Card are very similar to what is on offer from Chipolo.

Both devices from Pebblebee come in matte black, work with the Find My network and can be added using the Find My app on iOS. It’ll also notify you when you lose contact with the device. However, unlike the devices from Chipolo – the Pebblebee devices don’t have to be used with Apple’s network, they also do work with the CrowdGPS network – which means both iPhone‌ and Android users can use these devices – however, you do need to pick one as they cannot use both CrowdGPS and Find My at the same time.

Both devices are also fitted with built-in rechargeable batteries, which is a much better solution that what Apple does with the AirTag and what Chipolo does with its own Card. The Chipolo Card can’t be recharged, or have the battery replaced. The Clip lasts up to six months on a single charge and the Card lasts for twelve months. Both use USB-C to charge.

Both the Pebblebee Card and Clip are on sale now from Pebblebee’s website. In the US each item is priced at $29.99, a pack of four for the Clip is $99.99. As of writing, they are not available in the UK.