Renault announced the new fourth-generation Renault Master last year, but it has only just revealed the electric version. The new Master E-Tech will go on sale in spring 2024 and will have the option of two battery sizes and will have up to 285 miles of range. Prices are not yet revealed, but it could cost anywhere from £40,000 to £50,000, depending on the battery size.

In terms of design, the diesel Master models look pretty identical to the electric E-Tech model, with only a few small differences such as the front mounted charging port, located on the drivers side wing and some more body coloured bumpers.

In terms of the battery, Renault is offering the choice of a 40kWh or 87kWh battery pack, which will offer 285 miles of WLTP range on the larger pack and 124 miles on the smaller one. Both can charge at up to 130kW DC when out and about using public chargers. Both models have a 1,625kg max payload, which is less than the diesel unit which can take 2,396kg.

The electric motor on the Master E-Tech is greatly improved, it now has a 128bhp unit on the smaller battery model and 140bhp on the larger battery version. Compare that to the old model which only had 79bhp. There is now also a dynamic braking system, which is essentially just regenerative braking.

Renault has also added VTL (vehicle to load) and VTG (vehicle to grid) capability, as seen in the Renault 5 announced today. This will mean the van will be able to power appliances up when on a job site and also sending power back to the grid, when using a compatible charger.