Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Alex Lowe

First look at Bedfordshire’s new Caffeine & Machine

This week, we had the opportunity to visit the new Caffeine & Machine location in Bedfordshire before it opens up to the public on Thursday 14th September. This is now the second location from the team and after the success of the first one, which is situated near Ettington in Warwickshire. The new venue is located in Bedfordshire, just outside of Houghton Conquest. The new location takes inspiration from the first, with iconic white building and large C&M logo. We would imagine down the line, the team will add a big murial – The Hill location in Warwickshire has a large Michelin man painted on the outside of the building, with various artwork and colours.

The C&M team have chosen a new name too for the new location, The Bowl. This is in reference to the very close by Millbrook Proving Ground, which has its iconic bowl looped test circuit.

Inside, there is a lot more space than at The Hill, with better toilet facilities, much more seating inside, merch shop, outside benches and a kids play area. On the soft launch day we attended, the car park didn’t seem overly large, but it is understood that it’ll expand out to the back, where there is a large field – which looks to be part of the same complex.

Just like a The Hill, Caffeine & Machine operates on a ticket based system with prescheduled events. Later down the line, the team is planning on mirroring the events that take place at The Hill.

More infomation and FAQs can be found on the Caffeine and Machine website.


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