Thursday, January 11, 2024
Alex Lowe

Ubiquiti launches high density PDU with the new USP-PDU-HD

Ubiquiti has recently launched its new option for dense power distribution, with the new Power Distribution Hi-Density (USP-PDU-HD). The new device has similar features to the other PDU devices Ubiquiti makes such as the PDU Pro. As of writing, Ubiquiti is only making this computable in the the US with 24 AC outlets and four USB-C ports, all of which are remotely resettable if needed. Like other modern devices from Ubiquiti, it features a 1.3-inch touchscreen which can be used for controlling certain aspects of the device and it'll even autorotate depending on what orientation it has been installed at.

As well as power output, Ubiquiti has also added four RJ45 Ethernet ports for data communication. The single one is for network access to the PDU-HD but the other three are labelled as being used for "network redundancy" with WAN symbols next to them. If the PDU-Pro product page is anything to go by, this is likely going to be used for 'Virtual Router Redundancy."

Ubiquiti has it in stock in the US at the moment, priced from $999. It is only on sale from its official online store.

US Store Link

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