Today, Ubiquiti has launched a new addition to its UniFi Protect line of networking cameras with the new G4 Bullet. This is essentially an upgraded G3 Bullet and the design has remained roughly the same with a new black sun shade, as opposed to white.

In terms of what’s new, while the form factor has remained the same, the internals have been improved. The sensor has been upgraded from 1080p to ‘2K’ or 4MP, meaning the video streams are now 1440p. The frame rate has decreased from 30fps to 24fps which brings it inline with the G4 Pro 4K camera and it now has an optical zoom lens, like the G3 Pro and G4 Pro.

The overall coverage area has increased too, the G3 Bullet has 72° on the horizontal, 43° on the vertical and 80° on the diagonal. The new G4 Bullet has 86° on the horizontal, 60° on the vertical and 111° on the diagonal.

Like all other UniFi Protect Cameras, it can be powered by 802.3af. But whereas the G3 Bullet can be powered by 802.3af or 24v Ubiquiti hasn’t released a data-sheet for the G4 Bullet yet so we can’t confirm if it supports 24v. The price has increased, the old G3 Bullet starts at $149 and the new G4 Bullet is $199. No UK pricing or availability has been announced yet. – Ubiquiti has the G4 Bullet on sale on for £198.36 in the UK.

The G4 Bullet camera is available now for $199 on

UPDATE 23/06/20 18:12 BST – It has been confirmed now that the G4 Bullet does not have an optical zoom lens, Ubiquiti’s product page had incorrect information and power is 802.3af only, previous G3 Bullet was 802.3af and 24v passive. UK pricing has now been announced too and post has been updated to reflect this.