Hyundai this week has revealed the pricing for the new upcoming Hyundai i20 N hot hatch, something in similar size and power to the raining champion of the small hot hatch world, the Ford Fiesta ST. Hyundai is going head to head with Ford with this one, taxing some inspiration form the i20 World Rally Championship car.

Powering the i20 N is a new engine, a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 201bhp and 203lb ft torque. The little car will do 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds and will hit a lofty top speed of 143mph. Inside, like the i30 N is a six speed manual gearbox, no DSG complexities here, the i20 N even has rev-matching.

On the inside and outside, the car is littered N badges, larger scoops, intakes, spoiler as well as red detailing all over and a nice big rear diffuser. Inside, the sports seats, steering wheel, gear knob and even the pedals have the N badge treatment.

The new i20 N can be configured now on Hyundai’s website and will be on sale soon in a few weeks. Pricing starts at £24,995 and seven colours are available with Performance Blue being the halo colour as well as Dragon Red, Sleek Silver, Phantom Black, Polar White, Brass and Intense Blue. Whichever colour you choose, comes with the red accents on the base of the car.