Ubiquiti has today announced the all new G4 Doorbell Pro for UniFi Protect, which at the time of writing is available in the Early Access beta program. It is up now on the US and EU stores for sale at €310.80 and is already sold out.

The G4 Doorbell Pro moves on from the G4 Doorbell with a black colour by default, two cameras, 1.3-inch touchscreen, two way audio, weatherproofing and more.

So the new G4 Doorbell Pro now has two cameras, one main 5MP lens for standard viewing out, a jump from the 2MP on the standard model. However, there is now a second camera facing directly downwards, at 8MP and it is used for package detection, which is also useful for looking at the floor underneath for any other items too.

New also is a 1.3-inch display, which Ubiquiti says can be programmed to alert new visitors or show instructions to delivery drivers. The screen looks very similar to the ones seen on the UDM Pro and other new switches the company offers now.

One common issue with the standard model is the lack of PoE, however this version can be powered by the usual doorbell wiring, but also now via USB-C. Ubiquiti will offer an adaptor which will convert PoE into USB-C which is coming soon. However, this doesn’t answer the question of how the data gets transmitted.

A user on Reddit mentioned a Ubiquiti employee on Discord said that the USB-C port can be used for both power and data, but that remains to be seen.