Volkswagen is reportedly planning on restarting the production and sales of the e-up! after it stopped in 2020. Volkswagen stopped selling the electric hatch due to a change in government incentives changed and caused a new surge in EV demand.

Volkswagen stopped selling the e-up! due to the company being unable to sell it to be profitable with those discounts.

Speaking to news website Golem, VW said:

“We had temporarily taken the e-Up off the market in 2020 because delivery times had risen dramatically due to high demand. Now it has been decided to reintroduce the e-Up into the order program.”

The e-up! has a range of 155 miles and was on sale in the UK for around £20,000.

Volkswagen could leave the e-up! on offer until a new ID car in its price range and size enters the market. Which is reported to be launched in 2025.