BMW has previewed the new upcoming M3 Touring today in a new YouTube video, which will mark the first ever estate version of the super saloon. Previously, BMW has always offered estate versions of the M5 which saw two models in its lifetime. The M3 Touring will be made available layer this year and will share a lot of the same styling as the saloon version.

BMW has not yet revealed much information surrounding the technical details of the M3 Touring, but it will use a turbocharged six-cylinder petrol engine, most likely the exact same one it currently offers in the saloon. Here in the UK, BMW only offers the M3 in the Competition spec, so it has 503bhp and 479lb ft of torque.

The BMW M5, as mentioned was twice offered as an estate, once in 1992 and then again in 2006 with the V10 M5.

BMW has also revealed a YouTube video outlining more details on the new M3 Touring and some history too.