This week, Toyota has finally revealed the soon the Supra will be getting a manual gearbox. The car was launched back in 2019 sharing the engine, gearbox and many interior hardware with its sister car, the BMW Z4.

Back when the new Supra launched, many enthusiasts were in dismay when it was revealed that it was only available with an automatic gearbox. Even the BMW Z4 is only sold as an automatic. However, earlier this year there have been many rumours that Toyota was prepping itself to launch a new manual version of the Supra and this week, the company has now confirmed it.

Toyota shared the details on its official blog, along with two images. One of the rear of the car with a red ‘Supra’ badge which will be used exclusively on the manual car and a picture of the pedal box, showing a clutch, brake and accelerator pedals.

At this stage, there is no information about which BMW engine will be offered with the manual car, either the four cylinder or six cylinder. We’ll know more details once Toyota releases them.