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This month on Charging Status, Alex and Jim talk about what Alex has been driving in the past month, the Ora Funky Cat and the MG5 as well as the latest EV news. EG Group are purchasing Tesla Superchargers to install at their forecourts, the new Tesla Model 3 has hit one million orders already, pricing for the new VW ID.7 has been revealed and Citroën unveiled a new budget EV.

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Chapters and Story Links

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Jim’s LA Auto Show Trip
0:53 – Lucid SUV at LA Auto Show
1:35 – EV Classic Cars
3:29 – What Alex has driven lately
3:47 – MG5 Software issues
5:14 – MG5 Tesla Supercharger issues
5:37 – Ora Funky Cat
9:31 – Lack of frunks on new EVs
10:29 – EV quality issues but Genesis is great
11:20 – Jim’s Tesla Model Y Update
15:23 – Octopus Electroverse
17:18 – Reminder to review the show
17:43 – EG Group to purchase Tesla Superchargers units
19:04 – Planning permission issues for the Superchargers?
20:42 – More EG Group Superchargers chat
21:30 – Citroën eC3 announced
26:00 – Tesla Cybertruck being delivered to customers on 30th Nov
27:33 – Toyota switching away from Hydrogen
28:14 – The problem with Hydrogen
30:30 – BYD Electric Buses in London
30:43 – Hydrogen in Quarries?
31:05 – The energy tradeoff with Hydrogen
31:27 – Faster EV charging
34:07 – New Tesla Model 3 has hit one million sales
36:14 – Price of used EVs
36:56 – Why have EVs lost so much value?
39:23 – Polestar 4 and 5
42:00 – Peugeot e308 and Stellantis pricing weirdness
44:35 – Ford Mustang Mach-E price cut
46:45 – Hyundai Ioniq 5 N pricing announced for the UK
49:03 – Honda Sustaina-C
51:00 – Stellantis van refresh
53:14 – Volkswagen ID.7 pricing revealed for the UK
56:51 – VW going foward and the new CEO and ID.2
57:33 – Outro

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