Back in 2013/2014, Ubiquiti launched ‘UniFi VoIP’ a line of two PoE voice-over-IP phones and at the time the VoIP aspect was integrated into the standard UniFi Controller and then later down the line there was a separated, standalone UniFi VoIP controller. But for a long time, the product line felt abandoned and the controller had been for a long time too. The product line didn’t receive any firmware updates for years too.

But now Ubiquiti is back with a second attempt, with UniFi Talk Ubiquiti provided service for $9.99 per month per line and it also works with 3rd party SIP services. 3000 minutes inbound and outbound per line are included.

In terms of phone models, Ubiquiti has three offerings so far.


The flex is the newest model from Ubiquiti, it doesn’t have a touchscreen, it can be wall mounted and retails for $49 and has 802.3af support for power.


The UVP Touch is design wise, the same as the old outgoing Pro model, with built in WiFi, PoE and camera. The handset has a mute switch for easy access too. The Touch retails at $199.

Touch Max

The Touch Max is the same as the old Enterprise, it has a 7-inch screen, WiFi, PoE and a camera. The Touch Max is marked as “coming soon”


UniFi Talk needs a local controller, the software runs on the UDM-Pro (Dream Machine Pro) and as of December 2020, UniFi Talk can run on the Cloud Key Gen2+ too thanks to the introduction of UniFi OS. It also has a powerful user interface with support for visual voicemail, conference calling with recording functionality and an easy to use virtual receptionist feature.

Updated 23/01/21 09:32 GMT – Added information about Cloud Key Gen2+ can run UniFi Talk now that UniFi OS for it has been released.