Škoda has announced this week that the new Fabia, which went on sale last month will not be available as an estate, despite the company confirming in the past that it would. Škoda is aiming to get its product lineup full of more electric vehicles, therefore it had to stop development of the new Fabia Estate.

The new Škoda Fabia was supposed to have a new estate version, which was scheduled to be launched in 2023. Instead, the VAG group looks to be focusing less on smaller estates, the related Seat Ibiza ST was also cancelled in 2017.

“Following this decision, there will be no successor to the Fabia Estate. Nevertheless, our Czech plants will be working to full capacity. The demand for our vehicles is already exceeding our production capacities, and we’re responding to the accelerated transformation to e-mobility by introducing additional e-vehicles.”


Škoda is still offering the estate, albeit the older model on its website, with prices for a new one starting at £18,205.