Mini is planning on launching the all new Cooper Electric in early 2024, but an uncamouflaged car has been spotted in California in the last few days, giving us a glimpse of what is to come when BMW officially launches the car next year. The current car has a realistic range of around 120 miles, Mini claims 143 miles but in the real world it is around 120. This new car has been built and engineered in collaboration with Great Wall Motors, the company behind the Ora Funky Cat and other electric commercial vehicles.

While the EV Mini Cooper will be built in China, the standard petrol car will still be built in Oxford. Both cars are pretty much unrelated, with different platforms but will have similar design languages. The car, based on the images we have has got a much more modern feel. with less chrome trim, clean sharp lines and a new shaped grille. Around the back, gone are the large Union Jack rear lights, instead we have quite unique triangle shapes.

No images have been shared yet of the interior, but it is understood that Mini wont stray from what has made the car iconic, such as the circular central display. For the battery, Mini will use a 40kWh battery pack for a range of 240 miles, nearly 100 more than the car offered today and a larger 54kWh pack will also be offered, for 300 miles of range.

Mini will also buck the trend and offer the electric version first, then two months later the petrol car will go on sale.

The new electric Mini is due to go on sale in early 2024.