Sky is finally releasing its traditional big and clunky Sky boxes, which have been around for more than a decade are becoming a bit old fashioned. Now, Sky is pushing the Now TV franchise – this fragmented approach to the range of products seems to be working for Sky, it acts as a stand-alone service with a separate payment plan and it allows the user to be more flexible with what packages they want, whether it be sport, movies or entertainment it works out cheaper than the traditiional service. Originally launching in early 2012 Now TV is very popualr, but later in the year Sky launched a dedicated box which users could purchase to access their Sky content easily as well as have access to iPlayer, 4oD etc.

Sky is looking to revamp and improve the Now TV section with plans to launch a brand new version of the set-top box. During an invester program earlier this week, the upcoming refreshed version will include a much needed update to the UI and a new way of marketing it. Since December, a new version was launched in Germany named Sky Online TV Box, with the possibility that that might be the route Sky take over here.