Amazon Music is now, partly available to all Prime subscribers

This week, Amazon has announced that current Prime subscribers will get access to pretty much all of Amazon Music. In a press release yesterday, the company revealed that current Prime customers will now have access to 100 million Amazon Music songs. The access is limited though, for a better and more “in control” user experience, a dedicated Amazon Music subscription would be a better choice. However, for a “free” add-on, […]

Amazon will have its annual hardware event this week

Later this week, Amazon is planning on holding its annual mega event, where it typically releases a slew of new devices. In years prior, the company has unveiled an Alexa connected clock and microwave, Astro the robot on wheels and new Ring products. Amazon will be holding the event on 28th September at 12PM ET and it’ll talk about “our latest Amazon devices, features, and services.” Amazon sadly won’t be […]

Amazon launches new, redesigned Prime Video app for the Apple TV

Amazon has recently launched an all new version of the Prime Video app for Apple TV. The new app finally revamps the user interface, with a fresh design that is pretty similar to other streaming apps, such as Netflix. The new app has a vertical navigation bar along the left hand side, which should make it easier to use. Throughout the app, Amazon has made Prime Video Channels more accessible […]

Amazon is increasing the price of Prime membership by up to 43% in Europe

For the first time in quite a while, Amazon is increased the price of the annual Prime subscription in the UK and the rest of Europe. In the UK at least, the company has communicated out to its customers that the yearly price is increasing – as are the monthly memberships for Prime Video. All across the Europe the prices are going up, in this article we’ll cover what has […]

Amazon to stop supporting the Cloud Cam this year, customers offered free Blink Mini in return

Late last week, Amazon announced that support for the Cloud Cam will be ending later this year on 2nd December 2022. Amazon launched the Cloud Cam back in 2017 and stores video recordings in the cloud, the company also later unveiled a Cloud Cam—Key Edition that was designed to work with smart locks. Amazon has said that on 2nd December 2022 customers will no longer be able to use the […]

Amazon updates the Fire 7 tablet with USB-C and longer battery life

Amazon has today revealed the next version of its popular Fire 7 tablets, with the standard model and the kids edition receiving updates. Amazon has said that with these new models, the battery life is longer, with more RAM and more powerful CPU. Over the previous generation, Amazon has added double the amount of RAM and a new quad-core processor that’s 30 percent faster than the old one. Amazon has also […]

Google Nest cameras now work with Amazon Alexa

This week Google has announced that its line of Nest smart cameras will now be compatible with Amazon Alexa devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show. Google has updated Amazon Alexa Skills few days ago and users will now be able to pull up the camera feed on the screen. Amazon also started to open up its Alexa eco system to be able to support security cameras […]

Amazon Prime in Canada is going to get more expensive

Amazon Prime is going to get a bit more expensive over in Canada soon, over the years Prime in America has had multiple price jumps but in Canada the subscription has never had a price increase, it has been the same $8 CAD per month out $79 CAD (£48) per year since it was launched back in 2013. However, in the last few days website MobileSyrup has found out that Amazon […]

Amazon Fire TV is being added to Ford SUVs this year

Some Ford SUV models in the US will be getting Amazon Fire TV preinstalled on the head units, with the capability to use Alexa, run apps and watch TV when on the road. Amazon has already partnered with Jeep for the same thing and starting this year, the 2022 Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Navigator SUV will be getting access too, as well as some SUVs from Stellantis. The interface […]

Amazon’s Alexa told a child to do a dangerous challenge

Over the past couple days, a report came in from Bleeping Computer about child in the US who asked Alexa on the family’s Amazon Echo for a challenge to do, which is a new thing that is trending on TikTok. The child asked Alexa for a challenge and it suggested that they touch a penny to the exposed prongs of a phone charger plugged into the wall. OMFG My 10 year old just […]