BMW stops offering most diesel models in the UK

BMW has stopped offering all diesel models in the UK, due to poor demand. All diesel versions of the BMW 4 Series have been pulled from sale and most of the other cars have been slimmed down, including the 1 Series, 2 Series, 5 Series and the BMW X2 – all of which have not much choice left for diesel powertrains. BMW puts this down to “consumer demand” which the […]

New BMW i4 eDrive35 now on sale

Earlier this week, BMW put the new i4 eDrive35 on sale, marking a new entry level trim for the model. The car has a range of 299 miles, which is pretty impressive – other trim levels, such as the M Sport has a range of 288 miles. The new eDrive35 sits at the base of the range, below the eDrive40 and M50 models and while it is the entry version, […]

Apple Car Key feature now shareable between iPhone and Android, starting with BMW

In December, BMW shared a press release outlining the fact that Apple Car Key cards, which are available to be used on BMW cars can now be shared between iPhone and Android devices, of which it says is the result of a new co-development with Apple and Google. Since the launch of Car Key, BMW has been an early partner and the main benefit is that there is no dedicated […]

BMW boss says we should buy less new cars and use old ones for longer

Earlier this week, BMW’s head of sustainability has told the press that buyers shouldn’t purchase as many new cars as we do. Monika Dernai spoke to an audience in London and said that purchasing less new cars would help reduce waste across the entire automotive industry. Dernai also mentioned that there still is a need for car ownership, especially in the US, but he UK as well as public transport […]

BMW XM is on sale now, from £145,885

BMW revealed the all new flagship XM SUV earlier this year – and in November, it has now gone on sale. The XM is a super-SUV at a super price tag too, starting at £145,885 in the UK and is only the second standalone M car the division has created. 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the M division and is the first electrified car we have seen to wear […]

New, facelifted BMW Z4 now on sale in the UK, priced from £43,795

BMW has recently launched a new, faclifted version of the Z4 sports car. The car was initially launched back in 2019, around the same time as the closely related Toyota Supra – now three years on, the company has lightly updated it with new trim levels and updated design throughout. To start with, BMW has added two new trim levels, ‘M Sport’ and ‘M’. On all Z4 models, BMW has […]

BMW announces strong EV sales growth, more than doubling in one year

This week, the BMW Group has revealed that over the past twelve months, its electric car sales have more than doubled across the company’s brands, BMW and Mini. Sales have increased by 114.8% since September 2021 and is only taking into consideration its full electric cars, not hybrids which makes it even more impressive. In 2022 alone, the BMW Group has amassed 128,196 fully electric vehicles sales. BMW hasn’t provided […]

BMW announces all new M2, coming in 2023 with 454bhp and a manual gearbox

Late last night, BMW revealed the all new M2 Coupé, which has a straight-six engine, 454bhp and a manual gearbox option. This is now the second generation of the car and will actually rue be the final pure-combustion M car. The last generation was critically acclaimed for its handling, driving performance and power. The new car takes it up a live, with more power and performance in every measurable level. […]

Some BMW iX and i4 vehicles are being recalled due to battery fire issues

As of yesterday, BMW has announced a new recall for some iX and i4 vehicles, after a new investigation was conducted after two cars caught fire. This recall affects a small amount of customers in the US with 83 vehicles affected across both models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has warned owners of the affected models to not drive, charge or park the cars inside until the recall […]

BMW reveals the official specs and pricing for the new M3 Touring

BMW yesterday revealed the long awaited M3 Touring, it’ll make an official world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, but the company has now revealed the pricing, release date and full specs. This is the first ever M3 estate car BMW has ever released and is part of an ongoing celebration for the 50th anniversary of the M division, at BMW. The new M3 Touring is due […]