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Peugeot 208 is now more popular than the Volkswagen Golf in Europe

The Peugeot 208 is now the most popular car in Europe, overtaking the previous raining champion, the Volkswagen Golf. The Golf has been at the top spot since 2007 but has since dropped, with Peugeot selling 177,203 more cars than VW did with the Golf in 2022. The 208 saw 206,816 sales last year, which is a 5% improvement than that of 2021. 11.3 million new cars were sold in […]

VW raises prices for the all-electric ID.4 in the US

Volkswagen has informed future customers of the all-electric ID.4 SUV that the car will be seeing a price increase in the US, which will be affecting most reservation holders. However, not all customers will be affected – just the vehicles assembled after the 4th January. VW is making some other changes, including changes to the battery supplier and and end to the current reservation system. One of the main changes […]

Turns out, the new VW ID Buzz is pretty darn safe

The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz is pretty safe, as reported by the latest Euro NCAP testing conducted this week. The all-electric bus was one of 11 cars tested in December to achieve a full five star rating, with an over 90% rating for passenger occupants, both adults and children. However, due to its slab sided van like design, which it can’t really get away from – the ‘vulnerable road users’ […]

Volkswagen will be making an electric Golf for the ninth generation

The current Volkswagen Golf wasn’t expected to stick around for that long, as it was well understood that VW was planning on replacing it with the ID.3 in the coming years. However, Volkswagen boss, Thomas Schafer has said that in the future, there is room for the all electric ID.3 and a future all electric Golf to co-exist. Schafer has said that the Golf will have an all electric model again […]

Free charging at Tesco with Pod Point is coming to an end

EV charging network, Pod Point has announced this week that its free charging program at Tesco supermarkets in the UK is coming to an end. Back at the end of 2019, Volkswagen and Tesco partnered up to provide free EV charging at its supermarkets but only for 7kW fast chargers, at the time there was a small charge for anything faster, at 50kW. However, in the three years since the […]

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo available to order now, prices from £46,621

The all new Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo is available to order now with prices from £46,621 in the UK. The new all electric van is based on the existing ID. Buzz multi purpose van/people mover and is aimed at businesses. The base model has plastic bumpers and strips away unnecessary additions, pay more and get extra paint options, wireless CarPlay and such lavish items as a reversing camera. The base […]

Volkswagen reports it has now had 12,500 pre-orders for the new ID. Buzz

Today, Volkswagen has hit an important milestone for the upcoming ID. Buzz. The company has reported that it has now had 12,500 pre-orders for the all electric vehicle, around 6,000 of which are for the ID. Buzz Cargo. Volkswagen CEO, Carsten Intra spoke to Automobilwoche and said that delivery estimates are now sitting at around 6 months time, with the first deliveries happing in March 2023. Intra also mentioned that […]

Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years sets new benchmark at the Nürburgring

Late last month, Volkswagen took the new Golf R 20 Years around the iconic Nürburgring racetrack in Germany. The new car was announced back in June of this year and is a special edition to celebrate 20 years of the R-badged cars. The Golf R 20 Years gets more power and a new drivetrain calibration, to allow it to be much more efficient on tracks. All of these improvements helped […]

What could have been….Volkswagen reveals Mk2 Phaeton that was never launched

Today, Volkswagen has revealed what the second generation Phaeton could have looked like, if the company had actually released it. The Phaeton D2, as it was known was originally intended to replace the original Phaeton which was released back in 2002. However, Volkswagen decided to kill off the project in 2016 due to the company needing to focus on electric cars. Volkswagen now has an ever growing range of all […]

Volkswagen reveals all new Amarok pickup truck, on sale later this year

Today, Volkswagen has revealed the all new Amarok pickup truck which will go on sale later this year. The new Amarok is actually based on the latest Ford Ranger, which was revealed last year. For the future of commercial vehicles from Ford and VW, the two brands are doing some platform sharing to help cut costs. The new Volkswagen Amarok replaces the outgoing model, which was on sale for 12 […]