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Premium Mercedes EQS SUV will go on sale in November

Mercedes announced the all new EQS SUV earlier this year in April and it is soon about to go on sale in the UK. In a few months time in November, Mercedes will put the premium SUV on sale, priced from £130,000. The EQS brand name applies to the ultra-luxury versions of the company’s electric vehicles, with a saloon EQS already on sale. The EQS SUV will be available as […]

Mercedes reveals pricing for new T-Class MPV

This week, Mercedes has revealed the pricing for the new T-Class, which is one of those van/MPV type vehicles, many of which seem to be launching. The T-Class will be coming to the UK, but Mercedes yet revealed the pricing for this region, instead the company has revealed the price in its home country of Germany. The new T-Class will be €29,314 which is the equivalent to around £24,000 in […]

Mercedes launches new Edition 55 models for the A35 and CLA 35

This week, Mercedes has added two new trim packages for the A35 and CLA 35 AMG models to celebrate the 55th anniversary of AMG. The Edition 55 package adds new design trim pieces and more equipment as standard. This announcement marks the third model to have the Edition 55 package, as the G63 Edition 55 was launched in March. The Edition 55 package adds AMG aerodynamics package as standard, which includes […]

Mercedes introduces new all electric EQS SUV with 410 miles of range

Today, Mercedes has introduced a new all electric EQS SUV with prices starting at around £110,00 in the UK with the top spec model set to have 410 miles of range. The new SUV is basically the equivalent to the EQS saloon but comes with seven seats. The EQS SUV is direct battery powered replacement for the GLS if you were in the market for it. The GLS will still […]

New Mercedes AMG SL 43 launched as entry level model

Mercedes has launched a new entry level version of the SL with a new SL 43. Up until this new model was launched Mercedes had only two versions of the V8 engine, but for the first time the SL is now being offered with a four cylinder engine. The new SL 43 has an electric turbocharger, according to Mercedes this is a world first for a production car and it […]

Mercedes issues a EQC recall

Mercedes today has issues a recall for the EQC, the company’s first all electric car. Mercedes is saying that around 19,000 cars are affected by this issue and it is pretty serious, as the power steering could system could suddenly fail. Mercedes hasnt said yet how many UK cars are affected by the issue, but according to car-recalls.eu, it is affecting all EQC models that were made between 11th December […]

Mercedes announces new electric G-Wagen concept

Mercedes has recently shown off a new concept car version of the G-Wagen, this time as a full electric off road version. Mercedes hasn’t said much about the Concept EQG, as it is called with no details regarding the range, power, battery size or anything. The only thing we do know is that it will be four wheel drive. Mercedes is working on a number of all electric cars, with […]

Mercedes announces new Citan, which is the last combustion van the company will release

Mercedes has revealed the new second generation Citan this week, ahead of the scheduled release to the general market announcement taking place in Germany in September. The new Citan will be the last combustion engine powered van the company will be offering. Every model following the release will be electric. The new Citan shares the same platform with the latest Renault Kangoo and can be specced as a Panel Van […]

New 2021 Mercedes C-Class now on sale in the UK

Mercedes has introduced a new update to its mid-size executive saloon car, the C-Class. Now in its sixth generation, the new C-Class is now electrified only, meaning it still has combustion engines, but it only comes in versions that are electricity assisted, meaning mild-hybrid technology. The new car is also a lot more expensive than the outgoing car, the current model starts at £28,035, but this new version is now […]

Mercedes says an electric G-Class is coming in 2024

Mercedes has revealed that the G-Class four wheel drive will get an electric version in 2024. The EQG will be one of the many cars that the company is converting to electric over the next four years, as Mercedes is aiming to have an electric version of every segment of vehicles by 2025. Alongside the EQG, Mercedes will also have an EQS Mayback SUV made all electric, which will be […]