Apple has changed how battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6

Apple is starting to change how the battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6. Currently, if a user needs to have a battery replaced, they are typically given a brand new device which can actually be a pretty nice perk, as any minor cosmetic damage the device may have picked up is taken care of, as you get a new device. However, as of today Apple is now changing […]

Some iPad mini 6th generation owners are seeing charging issues

Some owners of the sixth generation iPad mini have been having issues with charging since iPadOS 15.5 was released. iOS 15.5 has affected some users with the Apple Books app, with multiple complaints relating to users unable to open books. The same update is now causing issues relating to charging for the iPad mini 6. There are a number of threads on the official Apple Support Community forums suggesting that […]

Apple might add USB-C to the base iPad

In Apple’s iPad lineup, the only model left that is still using the Lightning port is the base model iPad which retails for $329 / £319. However, to being the entry level iPad inline with the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro models, Apple might be charging the entry level iPad to USB-C later this year. This news comes from 9to5Mac sources, which claim that as soon as this […]

Apple is now regarding the fourth-generation iPad from 2012 as obsolete

Apple is now classing its fourth-generation iPad from 2012 as obsolete. This model was announced in November 2012 and was the very first iPad Apple released with the then new Lightning connector. At the same event, Apple released the very first iPad mini too. The fourth-generation iPad was marked as obsolete back in November 2021, but this week the company has now updated its public list of obsolete devices and […]

New iPad Air rumoured to launch in Spring with upgraded specs

Apple is rumoured to update the iPad Air this spring, with a fifth generation model on the cards. The last generation was released in September 2020, around a month before the iPhone 12. The current model brought forward new design from the iPad Pro lineup, as well as Touch ID on the sleep/wake button for the first time. A new model is rumoured to launch this spring, with very similar […]

Apple is now classing the 4th generation iPad as obsolete

Apple has this week marked the iPad 4th generation from 2012 as officially obsolete. The fourth generation was introduced just a few months after the third generation, which itself was the first iPad to feature the now standard Retina display, which at the time the only other devices to feature it was the iPod touch 4th and 5th generation and the iPhone 4 and 4s. As of 1st November the […]

The new cellular iPad mini doesn’t support mmWave 5G

The new iPad mini Apple introduced earlier this week has a cellular option like all iPads have had, but the new iPad mini does support 5G but not at mmWave levels, like the iPhone 13 line does and the iPhone 12 line. mmWave is supported on the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models as well as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 ranges. mmWave uses 24GHz and above to […]

Apple gives the entry level iPad some small updates

At its event on Tuesday, Apple revealed a small update to its entry level iPad, the price remains the same at £329 UK / $329 US and Apple has given it the A13 Bionic SoC from the iPhone 11 in 2019. The previous iPad had the A12 from the iPhone XS and the new chip offers 20% better performance. Apple has been borrowing a few features from other iPads in […]

Apple introduces new redesigned iPad mini

At the Apple Event on Tuesday, Apple unveiled the new iPad mini, now in its sixth generation and with its first proper update in two and a half years, Apple has made it look like a small iPad Air, with a larger screen than before, USB-C instead of Lightning and no Home button. It really is a mini iPad Air, the screen has jumped from 7.9-inch to 8.3-inch thanks to […]

New eighth generation iPad now available

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Apple unveiled the new eighth generation entry level iPad, and while this week you could order the iPad, starting today it is now available fully. Apple has left everything on the iPad the same, aside from the chip – Apple has updated the chip from the A10 to the A12 Bionic, bringing the neural engine to the entry level iPad for the first time. iPad eighth […]