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iPhone 15 might come with colour matched, braided USB-C cables

The next generation of the iPhone is just around the corner and we are now starting to see some more rumours and leaks trickle into the news cycle. The iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus could come with some new colour matched USB-C charging cables, just like the iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro which all now have colour matched charging cables. User on X @MajinBuOfficial shared some new images […]

Apple expected to launch new yellow iPhone very soon

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is getting ready to launch a new colour option for the iPhone 14 very soon. Gurman shared a tweet this week which said a new colour option is “imminent.” Pretty much a year ago, Apple launched the green iPhone 14 and the year before that, in April 2021 Apple launched the purple iPhone 12. Every year for the past few years, Apple has launched […]

iOS 16.2 will bring 5G support for iPhone users in India

iOS 16.2 will soon be available and it’ll bring support for 5G for iPhone models in India. Apple has reported the news to the Indian Express. Apple has previously announced that support for 5G was in the works and that it was working with local carriers such as Airtel and Jio. The initial rollout will start this December and with the upcoming release of iOS 16.2, customers of Airtel and Jio […]

iPhone exports from India set to double by March 2023

Apple is using India as a up and coming manufacturing hub, as according to Bloomberg the total exports from the country are to double to $2.5 billion year on year by March 2023. As of writing, Apple has already had $1 billion in revenue since April, coming from exports from India of the iPhone. Apple seems to be planning to expand its operations in the country to use it as a large hub […]

Apple adds iPhone 6 to its vintage products list

Apple has recently added the iPhone 6 to its list of vintage products. The iPhone 6 was released back in September 2014 and marked the very first time Apple made much larger phones than it had done so previously. Late last year, Apple made the iPhone 6 Plus vintage but for various reasons, Apple has only now starting classing the smaller phon as vintage due to how long it was on […]

Apple announces 7th September event – iPhone 14 and more expected

Yesterday, Apple surprised us with the announcement of the iPhone event for 2022. This year, it looks to be taking place in person, but whether or not it will be a return to keynotes of old, or a hybrid event like WWDC 2022 remains to be seen. Regardless, the event is taking place on Wednesday 7th September at 10am PT (6pm BST). Like the last many September Apple events, we […]

The iPhone 13 is now being produced in India

According to Reuters, Apple is now producing the iPhone 13 in India at the Foxconn factory in the country. This is marking an increased move away from Apple’s reliance on China and will also benefit from the various government schemes in place in India. Apple started making iPhones in India back in 2017 with the first generation iPhone SE and making phones there will help Apple cut down on costs […]

Apple adds new green colour for iPhone 13

Earlier this week, at its ‘Peek Performance’ event, Apple released a whole host of new devices but like it did last year, Apple has added a new mid-life colour addition to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. This time last year, Apple updated the iPhone 12 with a new exclusive colour to help entice some more interest in the phone mid-way through its life. However, this time – both […]

Apple introduces new iPhone SE, adds A15 Bionic and 5G

At this weeks Apple event, the company unveiled a host of the new devices, one of which was the much anticipated third generation iPhone SE. Apple launched the first iPhone SE back in 2016, the device took the body from an iPhone 5s and the guts from an iPhone 6s. Apple then did the same thing two years ago in 2020 with the second generation, it took the body from […]

Apple has now stopped including EarPods with iPhones in France

Since Apple stopped including wired EarPods with its iPhones in 2020 with the iPhone 12, units sold in France have had to by law, include wired headphones as the French believed there is a risk to exposing younger people to electromagnetic waves. However, the law has now changed and as of 24th January, Apple is no longer required to included EarPods so Apple has stopped. The company has said this […]