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WhatsApp is down worldwide

This morning, messages wont have been sending for people who use WhatsApp, due to a worldwide outage, with the main amount of users having issues from the US, Canada, UK, India and more. Messages can’t be sent at the moment and this doesn’t seem to be just affecting the app, but the web version too. Meta spoke to Engadget this morning, who provided this statement: “We’re aware that some people are currently […]

Mark Zuckerberg claims that WhatsApp is “Far More Private and Secure” than iMessage

This week, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has come out and said in a new Instagram post that “WhatsApp is far more private and secure than iMessage.” The claim also goes along with new billboards in London and New York City that advertise that WhatsApp has better security that Apple with iMessage, thanks to end-to-end encryption and support for multiple platforms. This claim could be believed, if it wasn’t for the […]

WhatsApp will soon stop supporting iOS 10 and iOS 11

WhatsApp has announced today that later this year, all users on iPhone of the app will need to be running iOS 12 or later. Any users using an older version of the operating system will not be able to access the app after 24th October 2022. iOS 12 was released nearly four years ago at this stage, coming out in September 2018. Any devices not being able to run it […]

WhatsApp says it would love to make an iPad app

WhatsApp has long been a single device application, with the phone being the integral part of that experience as every message was routed through it. However, the company has been working on improving the way it handles multiple devices, as competitors such as iMessage and Telegram have long offered this feature. Last week, Will Cathcart the chief of WhatsApp spoke to The Verge and said that users have been asking for […]

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down this evening

Facebook is having some issues this evening, as its own website along with Instagram and WhatsApp, of which it owns are all offline. Facebook has said it is working on getting the issues resolved, but it hasn’t explained yet what the issue could be. Downdetector is showing reports in the tens of thousands, with 35,000 currently showing. Due to Facebook owning Oculus too, this issue is affecting the services from […]

WhatsApp ends support for iOS 9

This week, WhatsApp has announced that the app no longer supports iOS 9 and earlier version, the news came via an updated support document that WhatsApp now requires iOS 10 or later. The newest iPhone to run iOS 9 is the iPhone 4s and now that iOS 10 is the minimum, the oldest iPhone that can run iOS 10 is the iPhone 5, released in 2012. The following is from […]

Instagram and WhatsApp back online following outage

This afternoon Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp all had issues and were offline for just under one hour. WhatsApp was left with “connecting” messages and Instagram was unable to refresh the feed. Facebook hasn’t said what caused the issue but WhatsApp said at 06:41pm UK time on Twitter that it has restored services. Thanks for your patience, that was a long 45 minutes but we are back! #WhatsAppDown — WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp Desktop now supports voice and video calls

Today, WhatsApp for desktop has been updated to now support audio and video calling for the first time. The desktop client is available on Mac and PC and it is surprising that it hasn’t had this ability up until now. WhatsApp say that all the calls, video or audio are all end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp calls work between Facebook Portal, Android, iOS and more wherever the client app is supported. However […]

WhatsApp has now delayed the update to its privacy policy

Following the bad press and issues with privacy earlier this month, WhatsApp has now delayed the planned privacy update activation date from 8th February until 15th May 2021. The activation date is only delayed now, the Facebook and WhatsApp still intend on it coming into action soon. WhatsApp has said the bad press and users jumping ship to alternatives such as Telegram, iMessage and the most popular, Signal was the […]

WhatsApp issues update via Twitter, urges it protects users privacy

WhatsApp and Facebook has had a lot of negative feedback and users flocking from the messaging service in the past week, due to its new updated privacy policies. The company has urged on Twitter this week that the new privacy policy will not affect the company’s ability to read messages. Last week, WhatsApp started with popups appearing on users phones, and if you didn’t agree, your account will be deleted […]