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UI Chat – November 2023 – “It’s UXG Season”

SquadShot Show Notes This month on UI Chat, Alex and Evan talk extensively about the new UXG Lite, Ubiquiti has launched a new paid support service, UniFi Talk has launched in the UK and Alex forgets everything he knows about EV charging when they talk about the new EV Station Pro. There is also some talk about some new colour options for some Protect cameras and much more. We love […]

Ubiquiti launches new white colour option for G4 Doorbell Pro PoE

Ubiquiti has recently added a new colour option for the AI Pro camera and now, it is the turn of the G4 Doorbell Pro PoE. Ubiquiti has added a new white option to the store, priced the same as the existing black one. This gives customers and installers some more flexibility with installation as it’ll now better match the exterior of buildings. With the original G4 Doorbell, that was only […]

Ubiquiti launches new white option for UVC-AI-Pro

This week, ubiquiti has added a new colour option to the UVC-AI-Pro, a camera that was previously only available in black. Since Ubiquiti started offering its line of AI cameras, they have only been available in black, for example the AI Bullet, the AI Pro up until now, the AI 360 and the AI DSLR. Ubiquiti has likely had some requests for a new colour, as sometimes black doesn’t work […]

Ubiquiti announces new UXG-Lite, going on sale next week

This week, Ubiquiti has announced the new UXG Lite, which is dubbed as the replacement for the outgoing USG 3P and USG Pro 4. This new device comes around 18 months after the UXG Pro was made available, back in May 2022. Prior to that, the UXG Pro itself was announced in 2020. Now Ubiquiti is back with the UXG-Lite, priced at less than the USG 3P with heaps more […]

Ubiquiti releases new Enterprise Access Hub

Ubiquiti is moving to the next step of expanding its line of door access devices, with UniFi Access. The current line of devices has been out for a handful of years now and earlier this week, the company has announced a new Access hub to power everything with. The new hub is much larger than the original model and much more expensive too. We now have everything enclosed inside a […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk UK launch pushed back again by a few weeks

The release date of Ubiquiti’s phone service, UniFi Talk here in the UK has been up in the air for a number of months at this stage. On the official Ubiquiti store, it has mentioned a release date of Q3 2023 for the past six months. However, Q3 came and went at the end of September. Then there was some information from Cody, from Mactelecom Networks who had some inside […]

UI Chat – October 2023 – “Gateway-palooza”

SquadShot Show Notes This month, Alex is joined once again by Evan McCann. In this episode, the new gateways shown off at WISPAPALOOZA, UniFi 7.5.187 with PPSK, UniFi Network 8.0.2 beta, UniFi Talk UK launch pushed back and much more! We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @uichatpodcast or you can email the show, info@theinterface.uk. UI […]

Ubiquiti launches new Wave Professional 60GHz PtMP CPE

Following on from the most recent WISPAPALOOZA, Ubiquiti has added a new device to the official store, with the Wave Professional a 60GHz PtMP CPE part of the Wave family. When Ubiquiti previewed its new 60GHz Wave platform in June 2023, the Wave Pro was featured but it had been yet to make an appearance, until now. The new CPE costs $599 in the US and €658.80 in the EU […]

Ubiquiti releases new Professional 8 PoE switch

Ubiquiti has recently launched the new USW-Pro-8-PoE, which is essentially the modern replacement for the first generation US-8-150W switch. Looking identical to the existing USW-Enterprise-8-PoE it costs a lot less and does away with the 2.5GbE RJ45 ports and adds two PoE++ ports, in addition to six PoE+ ports. The Enterprise version only has eight PoE+ ports. It retains the same 1.3-inch LCM screen for management and display stats as […]

UI Chat – September 2023

SquadShot Show Notes This month, Alex is joined once again by Evan McCann, filling in for Willie Howe. In this episode, UID gets rebranded as UniFi Identity and you get more for free now, the new UniFi Mobile Router gets OpenVPN support, SolarPoint is back from the dead with its first new firmware update in three years and Ubiquiti published a roadmap for UniFi Talk!? We love to hear from […]