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Samsung announces new budget-friendly A14 5G, for just $200

It is CES this week and Samsung has announced a new phone at the event, a space the company used to use to launch new Galaxy S devices. However, since those days CES has moved from being a place that new cars are launched and more recently, smart home technology. Today, Samsung have announced a new budget focused device, the A14 5G. This is pretty much the same phone that […]

Samsung launches new world cup themed ad, mocking the iPhone’s inability to fold

Samsung has today released new advert, focusing on mocking the iPhone for not having the ability to hold, like the Galaxy Z Flip4. The ad mainly focuses on a crowd of smartphones, clearly iPhone and Galaxy Z Flip4 devices, with the iPhones showing a sad emoji when they realise they can’t take part in the Mexican wave. The new ad was released on one of Samsung’s Weibo accounts, with the […]

Samsung has killed off its Galaxy Note line

Samsung has announced this week that it has officially killed off the Galaxy Note line of devices, instead the company will be releasing similar devices under the Ultra product name. Samsung announced the news at Mobile World Congress 2022 when it was speaking to reporters. Samsung has not released a new Note device since 2020, when the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra was released. However, with the new Galaxy […]

Samsung no longer supports the Galaxy S8

Samsung is no longer officially supporting the Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets, both were released a little over four years ago, back in April 2017. Samsung no longer lists both phones as supported in its regular security updates, meaning current owners could be at risk from any future security holes that open up on the version of Android they run. Four years for an Android phone is pretty good, not […]

Samsung’s next media event is on 28th April

Samsung has recently announced dates for a new media event it will be hosting next week, on 28th April. The event, like Apple’s latest ones and a few of Samsung’s own will be virtual and this so far, is Samsung’s fourth event of 2021 and so far the company has already announced new phones and earbuds so it is unclear what the company might reveal. Be sure to keep a […]

Samsung’s factories in US, Europe and China are now powered by 100% renewable energy

Following in Apple’s footsteps, Samsung has now become powered by 100% renewable energy for all of its factories in the US, Europe and in China. Unlike Apple it is unsure if all of Samsung’s operations are fully renewable such as its retail stores and offices but it is good to see the company making the right steps. It isn’t just its factories which are now 100% renewably powered, it’s packaging […]

Samsung announces two entry level phones, the A12 and A02S

This week, Samsung announced two new entry level handsets for the European market, the A12 and the A02S. Compared to other phones with similar specs, they are priced well – at below €179 (£160). A12 For the price, both phones have good specs – the A12 is taking from where the A11 left off, with a 6.5-inch screen, 8MP front facing camera, 8-core processor and a 5,000mAh battery. There is […]

Samsung’s S Voice will be killed off in June

Samsung first got involved with its own voice assistant back in 2012 and this was following on shortly after Siri launched on the iPhone 4s. Siri launched at the end of 2011 and S Voice launched in May 2012 and it never caught on, it was launched on the Galaxy S III and had a few issues and teething problems at the time. Siri since then, whilst it has its […]

Android 10 is now available for Samsung Galaxy Fold users in the US

Android 10 was officially released back in September last year and due to how Android works, not every device gets the latest version of Android in the first few months of it being available, if at all sometimes but for Samsung Galaxy Fold owners, Android 10 is compatible and just in the last few days the new operating system has been rolling out to owners in the US only at […]

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini will be launching early this year

Samsung at CES this week has finally announced when its Bixby smart speaker will be launching, with the first version being the Galaxy Home Mini. This is actually different speaker to the one we saw around 18 months ago at the Samsung Note 9 event, this one being a smaller version and it’ll go on sale early this year. Samsung spoke to Bloomberg this week who said, the Galaxy Home […]