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Microsoft launches new recycled Xbox controller, on sale now

Microsoft has in the past week, launched a new Xbox controller which is made up of a few recycled materials including old CDs, water jugs and much more. Microsoft is even using old old gamepads, auto headlight covers with some materials coming from old Xbox controllers. The launch coincides with Earth Day which is on 22nd April this year. The controller doesn’t have any special features over a normal controller, […]

Microsoft is making Outlook free, for macOS

Microsoft is now making Outlook available for free on macOS, giving customers another mail client to use instead of the default Mail app, that comes with macOS. Microsoft is now offering Outlook available through the Mac App Store for free, something that previously required an active Microsoft 365 subscription, or a one-off licence to Office. Microsoft already has a free Outlook client for iOS and naturally, it is pitching the […]

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 downloads later this month

Microsoft has revealed that it will start some initial plans to wind down the support for Windows 10 Home and Pro. Later this month, on 31st January Microsoft will stop all sales of any download copies of Windows 10, with official support planned to be retired in October 2025, just slightly over ten years since the operating system was initially released. 31st January 2023 will be the final fay that […]

Microsoft launches new ugly Christmas jumper for 2022

Microsoft has made a tradition of launching new ugly jumpers each Christmas for the past few years. In the years gone by, there have been MS Paint, Windows XP and Windows 98 themed jumpers to mention just a few. However, for 2022 Microsoft has decided to revisit an old friend: Clippy. Clippy hasn’t been seen or used in any software since the early 2000s, when the handy assistant was dropping […]

Microsoft Teams now natively supports Apple silicon Macs

Earlier this week, Microsoft started rolling out native support for Apple silicon Macs on the Microsoft Teams app. This includes models such as the M1 iMac and brand new M2 MacBook Air. Apple rolled out the first generation of M1 Macs back in November 2020 and Microsoft said it has been working on the native version of Microsoft Teams for the past few months. The Teams app will be automatically upgraded on […]

Microsoft has improved the boot time of the Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has been working on hard on improving the overall experience of its Xbox Series X and Series S. In the latest test builds, available to Xbox Insiders members. In the latest version, Microsoft has improved the boot time on both models by around five seconds. This affects the cold boot time. Microsoft has simply made the bootup animation shorter, from around nine seconds to four seconds and this was […]

Microsoft launches new Defender app on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

This week, Microsoft has launched a brand new Defender app for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The new app compliments the existing app which has been around for many years and for the first time ever, is now cross platform. Microsoft is making the app available on all popular platforms and is available for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers. However, there are some limitations when using it on iOS […]

Microsoft OneDrive is now fully compatible with Apple Silicon Macs

Microsoft has announced this week that its OneDrive client for macOS has now been updated to support Apple’s latest Apple Silicon Mac computers. Microsoft has been testing this new version since last year and should run faster as the emulation from Rosetta 2 will no longer be needed as the app is now native to the new chips. Microsoft provided a statement on the OneDrive Blog this week: “We’re excited […]

Microsoft will reopen its headquarters next week

Microsoft has announced that it is now ready to fully open its main two offices, following on from the two years of pandemic. Starting next week on Monday 28th February, the Redmond headquarters and other offices in the Washington state. Microsoft is being pretty flexible with staffs needs and working style, they’ll have 30 days to decide what work style they and their team want, whether that be hybrid, fully […]

Microsoft is not making Xbox One consoles anymore

Microsoft is struggling to keep up with demand for the new Xbox Series X, even though it has now been on sale for well over a year and as we all know, Sony is in the same situation with the PlayStation 5. Sony is planning on keeping manufacturing the PlayStation 4 to customers who want a new console can purchase one, even it is not the latest and greatest. However, […]