Ubiquiti UniFi UXG Lite vs UXG Max

Ubiquiti has been on a roll lately with its new gateway products, the original UXG Pro was debuted back in 2020 and then finally went on sale in 2022 and since then, not much has changed in the lineup. The UXG Lite was launched in November 2023 as the direct replacement for the ageing USG 3P, which has since been completely removed from the official Ubiquiti Store. Previously, the USG […]

UI Chat – March 2024 – “Screengate”

SquadShot Show Notes In this episode, Alex and Evan talk about the UWC conference that took place in Chicago, the “Screengate” with the Cloud Gateway Ultra, the new G5 Ultra cameras revealed as well as the many accessories. Also, the deluge of software releases launched in the past month and an update on Alta Labs. We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about […]

Ubiquiti launches new UVC-G5-Turret-Ultra camera

Ubiquiti has today revealed two brand new cameras for UniFi Protect. The first one is the G5 Turret Ultra and marks the first of a line of new cameras under the new Ultra umbrella. We already have new Ultra Switch devices and the UK-Ultra access point, which are designed to be low cost, have good performance and have a lot of flexibility in its mounting. The new G5 Turret Ultra […]

UISP Switch 1.8.0 now available, adds remote access feature

This week, Ubiquiti has released UISP Switch 1.8.0 and supports the UISP Switch, Switch Pro and Switch Plus. The new update has the usual bug fixes and security improvements but it does add an interesting new feature which lets you remote into the UISP Switch using the UISP Application. With version 1.6.0 back in November, Ubiquiti added the initial support for the local web interface on the UISP Switch devices […]

Ubiquiti has a new USB-C cable with display available

Ubiquiti has recently and quite quietly added a new USB-C cable to the official Ubiquiti store, under the AmpliFi brand which in the past has been used for home WiFi routers, mesh systems and other consumer style devices. However, this new cable seems like a departure from what the brand has been offering before and has quite unique feature. The new ‘AFi-Cable-USB’ is available in either 0.3m, 2m, 4.5m or […]

UI Chat – February 2024 – “My not $10K Setup”

SquadShot Show Notes In this episode, Alex and Evan discuss the new line of Ultra Switch models from Ubiquiti, the upcoming UniFi World Conference Tour, the UISP Wave Pico, a new USB-C cable with a display from AmpliFi and tons of software releases! We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @uichatpodcast or you can email the […]

Ubiquiti announces the new Wave Pico, its smallest PtMP CPE for 60GHz

Ubiquiti has expanded its 60GHz PtMP offering recently with the new Wave Pico, a small sized 60GHz PtMP CPE device, designed to be used in conjunction with the Wave platform utilising the Wave AP and Wave AP Micro as the main basestations. In terms of design, it is very similar to the NanoBeam 16 and 19 devices and that means installation familiarity for the installers in the field. It supports […]

UISP Router 5.0.0 launches with support for a GUI for the first time

Ubiquiti has recently launched UISP Router 5.0.0 to the Early Access software program, bringing support for a local GUI to the UISP Console, UISP Router and UISP Router Pro for the very first time. Ubiquiti has been putting some renewed focus on some of the UISP wired devices with the UISP Switch also getting a GUI recently and some remote access improvements too for the EdgeRouter and UISP devices. EdgeOS […]

Ubiquiti launches the U7 Pro, the first 802.11be UniFi AP

Ubiquiti has recently launched the all new U7 Pro, the first 802.11be AP from the company. The new AP shares the same physical footprint as the U6 Pro and other APs and supports six spatial streams, 6GHz and has a 2.5GbE PoE uplink port. The new U7 Pro is available on the official Ubiquiti store for $189 US or £171.60 in the UK. In the release post for the new […]

UI Chat – January 2024 – “U7 Swiss Ultra+”

SquadShot Show Notes This month on the podcast, Alex and Evan talk about the new UK-Ultra access point, some new UniFi Protect promo offers Ubiquiti are doing, some new upcoming Ultra devices, as well as a huge list of new software releases. We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @uichatpodcast or you can email the show, […]