Ubiquiti experiencing remote connectivity issues for UniFi Network and UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti is currently experiencing issues with its remote access service, unifi.ui.com. The portal gives customers remote access to their remotely installed UniFi OS Consoles, which could be anything from a UNVR Pro storing footage from CCTV cameras or a UDM SE powering a school network somewhere. Ubiquiti posted an update to its status page saying that the issue will be affecting some customers and is affecting unifi.ui.com and UniFi Protect. […]

Ubiquiti releases UXG Pro 1.13.6, adds Teleport VPN, load-balancing and more

Ubiquiti has today released a new firmware update for the UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway, or the UXG Pro as it is most commonly known as. This new update brings the router up to par with the UDM SE and UDR with support for a number of features that those devices have got over the last few months. For example, the UXG Pro now supports “WAN latency reporting and WAN packet loss […]

Ubiquiti is working on UniFi OS 2.x for UDM and UDM Pro

Ubiquiti has already released UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM SE and the UDR, but has left the older UDM and UDM Pro on UniFi OS 1.x. As a result, the older devices have been missing out on new features, such as load balancing for WANs, Suricata updates and more as the newer OS has had a more frequent and faster development, vs the older UniFi OS versions. However, Ubiquiti […]

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien now on sale via the Apple Retail Store in the US

This week, Apple has started to offer the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien on its online retail store in the US. The router was launched back in 2019 and has only recently gained official HomeKit support this year. Ubiquiti is best known for its cooperate wireless, routing and switching with UniFi and its core roots with WISP applications, with airFiber and airMAX. AmpliFi is a sub-brand operated under UI Labs and has […]

DigitalOcean outage in the UK caused UISP Cloud controllers to be intermittent

Earlier today, cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean experienced a large scale outage in its London UK LON1 region, affecting services hosted there. Ubiquiti’s cloud offering of UISP is hosted in DigitalOcean and from 16:10-18:35 BST it was experiencing poor connectivity, latency issues and packet loss. UISP users would have experienced lack of access to servers and if e-mail alerts were set up, countess reconnection events as devices struggled to connect to […]

Ubiquiti announces new WiFiMan Wizard, a portable spectrum analyser

Today, Ubiquiti has announced the new WiFiMan Wizard, a portable spectrum analyser. Ubiquiti has launched the device to the EA store and should be available to everyone as ‘GA’ soon. The company posted a YouTube video outlining the history of the WiFiMan app and what the new WiFiMan Wizard can do for you. The device is about the same size as a MagSafe Battery from Apple and can be attached […]

Ubiquiti announces UI Care, a paid service for advanced RMA support and more

Ubiquiti today has announced UI Care, a new paid support contract essentially. For $99, Ubiquiti will give you five years of coverage for the UDM-Pro or UDM-SE which will give you advanced RMA, with priority allocation for any inventory they have as well as shipping out a new replacement so you get it the next business day. The thing is, Ubiquiti has dabbled in this space before. Not so long […]

Ubiquiti changes how its “provider” UISP devices are named

Earlier this week we noticed that Ubiquiti has suddenly re-named all of its provider devices to be UISP devices. This change can be seen for yourself on the official Ubiquiti store in both the EU and US, we haven’t checked the other stores yet. This is an interesting move, as in one regard it will help newcomers to the Ubiquiti product line distinguish which controller to use, between UniFi and […]

Ubiquiti releases new firmware for UniFi Switches, version 6.3.11

Ubiquiti has today released a new firmware update for UniFi network switches, with version 6.3.11. The update was made available this time last week in a ‘Release Candidate’ form after some time in the beta process. The firmware was released to GA earlier today and contains a number of fixes and improvements. You can update your hardware by logging into your UniFi Controller via the web UI or the mobile […]

Ubiquiti launches the new USP-PDU-Pro

Today, Ubiquiti has launched the brand new USP-PDU-Pro after nearly two years in the beta process. The USP-PDU-Pro was launched to the EA store back in October 2020 and is a network managed power distribution unit, which each outlet capable of being reset remotely. Like other devices from Ubiquiti in the ‘SmartPower’ category, the PDU can automatically reset the power to any cable modems, DSL routers, and optical network terminals […]