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Dacia Jogger now offered with new Sleep Pack, for a budget motorhome feel

Dacia has recently added a new optional pack for the Jogger MPV which allows it to be transformed, fairly cheaply into a budget motorhome. The Dacia Jogger is one of the most affordable MPVs on the market ion the UK, costing from £17,145 with space for seven seats. The new Sleep Pack is now available and without putting too much of a shine on it, it turns the back of […]

Dacia debuts new ‘Extreme’ Spring EV with more powerful electric motor

Dacia has recently debuted a new, more powerful version of the all-electric Spring. The car is the only all electric model Dacia offers and has been on sale in most of Europe for around a year, and has proven to be very popular. The company has said that it will be coming to the UK after 2024, once the demand in Romania has slowed down. However, last week Dacia announced […]

New Dacia Jogger Hybrid will go on sale in January

Dacia will be putting the new Jogger Hybrid on sale here in the UK next month, will the first cars for customers to be available in March. The car will be the first electrified UK model we will have seen from the Romanian company and while we haven’t seen prices yet, it is likely to be the cheapest hybrid MPV on the market. Dacia will be opening up for orders […]

Dacia brings the Duster Extreme SE back to the line-up

Dacia has this week, brought back the Duster Extreme SE after the model was dropped earlier this year in February. The model has returned and now sits at the top of the Duster line up, after what Dacia has said is “Back by popular demand.” The new variant can be ordered now, prices start at £18,295 and the first deliveries will start in early 2023. The Duster Extreme SE is […]

Dacia will launch a hybrid version of the Jogger MPV in 2023

Dacia is planning on launching a new hybrid version of its budget orientated, seven-seat MPV. The new Jogger was revealed in September 2021 and then went up for pre-order a few months later, in December 2021. While the Jogger is all about maximising what it can do and how many people it can carry for a set price, Dacia is planning on launching a new hybrid version in 2023. The […]

Dacia has completed rollout of new logo on its models

Dacia revealed its brand new logo for its brand going forward earlier this year in June and since then the company has been working to change the logo on its dealerships, cars and website. Dacia has now completed the rebranding process and every model in the lineup looks quite a bit different because of it. Each model has now been tweaked to have the ‘DC’ logo on the front of […]

Dacia announces new camping version of the Jogger MPV

Dacia has recently announced a new camping package for the Jogger MPV which will be an option for upcoming versions of the car. Dacia hasn’t been fully clear if the camping package will be a dedicated trim level or an accessory, our guess would be an optional accessory. The Jogger is a seven seater on sale in the UK and offers unparalleled value for something of its size, with the […]

Dacia revamps the Duster Commercial, adds new company logo

Dacia has launched a new updated Duster Commercial, bringing the company’s new logo and a new updated grille design to this commercial vehicle. This update brings the Duster Commercial up to date with the remainder of the company’s lineup. Dacia unveiled its all new logo in June 2022 and has been rolling it out to its lineup of cars. The front grille has a new smoother design and the new […]

Dacia reveals brand new badge design

This week, Dacia has launched a brand new logo which will be making its way to the company’s models soon. The new ‘Dacia Link’ badge was revealed around a year ago but is only just now making its way to new cars. Dacia has released a new press release that shows the new logo on the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Jogger, Duster and the Spring. The Dacia Spring is not yet […]

Dacia stops production of the Sandero and Duster Bi-Fuel models

Earlier today, Dacia has stopped producing its Bi-Fuel cars, the Sandero and Duster for the UK market. The company has said this is only temporary and is due to problems obtaining LPG gas – with problems arising in the supply chain currently. The Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel and Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel are the only LPG ready cars sold by a car manufacturer in the UK. The LPG shortage is related to the […]