Electric Vehicles

Many Tesla customers cancel orders, as Model X and Model S go LHD only in UK

We reported earlier this month that Tesla had stopped offering all right-hand drive versions of the Model X and Model S throughout the world, affecting customers in the UK, Japan and more. For customers who had ordered cars and had been waiting for multiple years, this was a huge disappointment. So much so that many customers have decided to cancel their orders, even with the promise of three years free […]

Audi SQ8 e-tron now on sale in the UK

Audi has put the new high end SQ8 e-tron SUV on sale here in the UK, priced from £97,500. The new car offers a high end option in the Q8 e-tron model range, with three motors in this performance focused model. The motor system has 370kW and 973 Nm of torque and is available in both SUV or Sportback coupe style. Both vehicles have the same battery, a 106kWh unit, […]

Caterham announces its first EV

Today, Caterham has announced the addition of a new model to its lineup, the very first electric car from the brand. The car will be shown off later this year in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car looks pretty identical to other cars from Caterham and will have the same sort of performance as the existing petrol Seve 485, which has 237bhp. Caterham says it’ll have enough […]

Citroën Ami Buggy now on sale in the UK, from £10,495

Citroën has revealed that the special edition Ami Buggy will be coming to the UK, it pretty limited numbers as well as going on sale in Europe. Only 40 units will be coming to the UK, with prices starting at £10,495 and just 1000 to Europe. The Ami Buggy was originally a concept car, designed to show what can be done with the model. However, Citroën has decided to put […]

Porsche Taycan now supports Apple Maps EV Routing

Last week, Porsche announced support for Apple Maps EV routing inside of CarPlay on the Taycan, something that has only be available on the Ford Mustang Mach-E up until now. This makes the Taycan the second car to support this feature and neatly integrates the ability to locate nearby electric vehicle charging points on route when you use CarPlay. CarPlay knows how much charge you have and will have and […]

Ford announces all-new Tourneo Courier, will be available as EV and ICE

Ford this week has revealed the all new Tourneo Courier, which will go on sale in the UK in late 2024. It is based on the newly announced Transit Courier which will be available as both a combustion and electric. Likewise, the new Tourneo Courier will also be available as an ICE and EV and when it goes on sale, it’ll become the company’s entry level passenger vehicle, as the […]

Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S and Model X

Tesla has revealed today that going forward, the Model S and Model X will only be available as a left-hand-drive car world wide as the company focuses on ramping up production and improving quality. This decision is in place for the foreseeable future, according to a company representative that spoke to Autocar today. Most of the world drives on the right and car steering wheels being on the left. However, […]

Volvo delays EX90 due to software issues

Volvo has decided to delay the upcoming EX90 electric SUV, which was debuted in November last year. The upcoming car was due to begin production later this year but due to software issues, the company has delayed it until the first half of 2024. Production will take place in Ridgeville, US and Chengdu, China. It is now not confirmed when exactly the EX90 will start being delivered to customers. The […]

MG announces the new all-electric Cyberster

The all new MG Cyberster was announced today at MG’s London Design office, with a few members of the media in attendance. The launch has given us the first glimpse of the upcoming EV sports car in real life, not in video simulations or animations. The car was leaked back in July 2022 from Chinese patent images and shortly afterwards, it was announced that in April 2023, MG would be […]

New Smart #1 to be priced from £36k in the UK

The all new Smart #1 will be priced from £35,950 here in the UK, once the car goes on sale later this summer. The car was revealed this time last year and went up for pre-order in December 2022. The is a complete reinvention of the brand and is entirely unrelated to the previous Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour EVs, thanks to the SEA architecture on which it is based. […]