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Tesla announces new refreshed Model 3

Tesla has just revealed a new refreshed Model 3 at a media event in Norway. This is the first major change to the to car since the Model 3 was announced back in March 2016. Rather than a huge change, this is more of a mid-life refresh with modernised design, cleaner cabin, more range, better ride quality and much more. First of all, the new Model 3 has been spotted […]

Tesla Cybertruck finally enters production

The long-awaited all electric Tesla Cybertruck has finally entered production. after being announced back in 2019 with an initial date of 2021 to start production. However, over the years things got in the way and complications with production meant the the Cybertruck was delayed. However, on 17th July the truck has started production at the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. Tesla is going up against the established companies when it comes […]

Many Tesla customers cancel orders, as Model X and Model S go LHD only in UK

We reported earlier this month that Tesla had stopped offering all right-hand drive versions of the Model X and Model S throughout the world, affecting customers in the UK, Japan and more. For customers who had ordered cars and had been waiting for multiple years, this was a huge disappointment. So much so that many customers have decided to cancel their orders, even with the promise of three years free […]

Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S and Model X

Tesla has revealed today that going forward, the Model S and Model X will only be available as a left-hand-drive car world wide as the company focuses on ramping up production and improving quality. This decision is in place for the foreseeable future, according to a company representative that spoke to Autocar today. Most of the world drives on the right and car steering wheels being on the left. However, […]

Tesla opens the first V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands

Tesla has recently opened the first V4 Supercharger at a new location in the Netherlands. The Supercharger location is in Harderwijk in the Netherlands and has 16 independent charging stations that will be soon opening up support for third-party cars, such as non-Tesla vehicles. First V4 Supercharger stalls now open in Harderwijk 🇳🇱! Stalls are equipped with a longer cable, providing easy access for all EVs. pic.twitter.com/TnY3dBoyhP — Tesla Charging […]

Tesla has opened up more Superchargers in Europe for non-Tesla cars to use

Tesla has been busy in the last few weeks opening up support for more third party access to its charging network. Back in early 2022, Tesla started the program which allowed non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge on the renowned Supercharger network. The initial rollout started with the Netherlands and it is now expanding throughout the UK and Europe for people to use. In the last few days, Tesla has opened […]

Tesla has opened a new engineering headquarters in California

Tesla has today announced that is has opened a brand new engineering headquarters in California, in the former headquarters of Hewlett-Packard. The company will use the factory to house new engineers focused on R&D for artificial intelligence, eventually to be used in upcoming robots and electric vehicles. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk described the new headquarters has the second HQ for the company, making Tesla a company now with two HQs. […]

Tesla driver in Germany fell asleep with autopilot on

Earlier this month, it was reported that a Tesla driver in Bavaria, Germany was chased by police for 15 minutes after had fallen asleep with the autopilot self driving system switched on. The driver, 45 had reclined his seat and was driving along the A70 road near Bamberg. The traffic officers ad noticed that the driver was tailing the police car at the exact same distance in front, at 68mph […]

Tesla announces a new wireless phone charger that rivals the never-released AirPower

Tesla has this week revealed an all new wireless phone charger that seems to closely resemble the technical undertaking that Apple had planned for the AirPower back in 2017. Apple never got round to actually launching the wireless charger and was ultimately scrapped a few years later. However, the new Wireless Charging Platform from Tesla has managed to do what Apple couldn’t. Tesla say that the charger can charge up […]

Apple Music now, finally supported natively on Tesla cars

Tesla this week, has announced that Apple Music is now available on Tesla vehicles, as part of the new holiday update that is rolling out to Tesla owners this week. The version ID is 2022.44.25 and allows support for Apple Music natively from within the Tesla UI, without having to use bluetooth from a smartphone. To access it, it will be required that the car has a subscription to Premium […]