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Citroën Ami Buggy now on sale in the UK, from £10,495

Citroën has revealed that the special edition Ami Buggy will be coming to the UK, it pretty limited numbers as well as going on sale in Europe. Only 40 units will be coming to the UK, with prices starting at £10,495 and just 1000 to Europe. The Ami Buggy was originally a concept car, designed to show what can be done with the model. However, Citroën has decided to put […]

Fiat could reengineer the Citroën Ami as the Topolino

Fiat could be on its way to be making its own version of the Citroën Ami, with a rename as the Topolino. Fiat is part of the Stellantis group as is Citroën and Opel and the Italian company has expressed interest in making its own version of the quadricycle. Fiat boss Olivier François has confirmed to Auto Express that the company is currently engaged in discussions with Citroën and Opel. […]

Citroën will now reward PHEV drivers who actually charge the car

Citroën is obviously very aware of what people do with plug-in-hybrid vehicles, and it will start rewarding drivers who actually charge up their Citroën PHEV vehicle. Many people just purchase PHEV models as they have reduced vehicle tax, due to their lower tailpipe emissions and therefore can save businesses thousands of pounds a year. While the financials are all well and good, there is little point if the vehicles aren’t […]

Gary Martin from Modern Heroes took delivery of the first UK Citroën Ami last week

Gary Martin who runs the rather excellent YouTube channel, Modern Heroes was the first customer in the UK to receive a Citroën Ami. The fully electric quadricycle has been a long time coming for the UK market, after finally being announced it was coming around a year ago. Gary received his Ami last week on 28th September and has since published three videos to his YouTube channel which offer an […]

Citroën to launch an all-new electric C3 next year

Citroën is planning on launching an all new C3 hatchback in 2023. The new car will be all electric and is set to be a complete reinvention of the model, with a more rugged look with some design influences taken from the Citroën Ami. The new C3 is likely gonigto use a battery that’s on the smaller side, likely with enough capacity to take it 250 miles on one charge. […]

Citroën announces new top spec My Ami Tonic

Citroën has launched a new variant of the all electric Ami. The Ami went on sale earlier this year with prices starting at £8,095 – or £19.99 per month on a pretty decent finance deal. The all new My Ami Tonic is on sale now and offers a new unique design, which Citroën has been inspired by sunglasses. It costs from £8,695 in the UK. The My Ami Tonic has […]

Citroën announces prices for all electric Ami in the UK

This week, Citroën has revealed the official pricing for the all new, all electric Ami for the UK market. The small two seater EV quadricycle is due to go on sale soon for £7,695 – making it one of the cheapest road going vehicles on sale in Britain today. The base price includes the standard Ami, digital speedometer, LED headlights and rear lights, panoramic sunroof and USB charging socket. For […]

Citroën updates the ë-Relay van with more range and larger battery

Citroën has given its large electric van, the ë-Relay a light refresh for 2022 with an upgraded battery pack resulting in a bit more range. The ë-Relay also shares the same underpinnings as the Vauxhall Movano-e which has also benefited from this upgrade. The ë-Relay has two battery pack options, a 38kWh with 73 miles of range and a larger 75kWh pack. Citroën has left the smaller one as it is, […]